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About GOLFTEC Singapore

Major Improvement Starts Here

Since 1995, our mission has been simple - to Help People Play Better Golf. Beginning with our original Training Center in Denver, Colorado, we’ve used the guiding resource of technology and fact-based instruction to grow into the recognized world leader in golf lessons, with over 200 Centers worldwide.

Helping Singaporeans play better golf since 2017.

GOLFTEC Singapore is the flagship GOLFTEC center for Southeast Asia with six fully equipped teaching bays and one putting green. Our passionate golf coaches have all gone through the vigorous certification of GOLFTEC University to provide the same standard of effective, high-quality golf instruction, lessons and custom club fitting services for golfers of all experience levels and abilities.

In addition to Singapore, GOLFTEC has centers in Hong Kong and Nanshan, China.


Proven Path, Proven Results

At GOLFTEC, we know what it takes to play your best golf. We use technology and facts - not opinion - to give customized golf lessons and custom club fittings that help golfers of all abilities score lower and play consistently better.

Highly skilled, professional Coaches, goal-orientated game plans including video practice, leading swing training, and custom-club fitting technology is the GOLFTEC Way. Find your Way to Way Better!


Everything You Need to Improve

Technology that measures key body movements, unmatched data on the golf swing, video practice and more. At GOLFTEC, you have every tool you need to improve your entire game.


Our instant video feedback and proprietary Motion Measurement Technology allows students to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously. When this is combined with the Coaches’ expert guidance and knowledge that no “one” technique works for everyone, it’s no wonder the 10 million golf lessons and counting have led to a 96% success rate for our students.

While we continue to grow and embrace new, constantly-evolving technologies that further enhance our ability to provide the most consistent, precise and efficient methods for golf improvement, our mission of helping people play better golf remains the same.


Your Own Personal Coach

At GOLFTEC, your lessons are led by a dedicated Certified Coach whose sole purpose is tailoring instruction to you and serving as your guide so you achieve your goals on the golf course.

Each of our Certified Personal Coaches is an experienced golf professional, and passionate about improving your game. Most have taught thousands of lessons. All go through the rigorous multi-week certification of GOLFTEC University where they master the analysis of golf mechanics, the technology of the GOLFTEC training system, and the most productive teaching techniques.

You’ll enjoy having a golf Coach more than a golf instructor, who cares as much about your game as you do.

View the profiles of our GOLFTEC Singapore Coaches here.


Custom Fit Golf Clubs

We also provide personalized club fitting services with a GOLFTEC Coach. During a GOLFTEC club fitting session, you'll work one-on-one with your personal coach or a dedicated fitter. This fitting is all about you and your game, so they'll work with you to understand your swing and struggles on the course.



Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Swing Evaluation or Club Fitting with a Certified Personal Coach today.